Saturday 01 October 2022 - 20:00


Junzi Arts presents :



The successes ALVARO SOLER scored with his music between 2015 and 2019 can be safely called a sensation. Virtually straight from university, his songs rocketed the Spanish German musician into the charts all over Europe and Latin America and
onto stages across the world. In four years, the now 30 year old who lived in Tokyo for seven years and speaks six languages amassed highlights that take others decades to accomplish: more than 80 gold and platinum awards, two million albums sold,
over 2.5 billion audio streams across all platforms, and over 1.5 billion video streams.


ALVARO SOLER is a musician and human being with an authentic zest for life. “Life’s short it’s meant to be fun. Isolation forced us to rediscover ourselves and focus on how magical the small things in life can be. For example, to embrace our parents or watch the sunset in the café at the corner. Apart from all the worries, I’ve experienced solidarity among strangers I’ve never seen before, and my desire to bring people together with my music was rekindled. Music spreads hope and helps us to keep the faith.”


MAGIA was actually inspired by the fans: “Last summer I received all these messages saying: ‘The year is so tough, why don’t you release something?’ They reminded me of the reason I make music. It was so much fun to write a song for these people, and I felt a constant urge to dance during the process. If a song does that to you, you know something is right about it.” It’s only fitting that
MAGIA will be the first single after the time off, and the album scheduled for summer 2021 will be called MAGIA as well. “I realized how often we use this word for the things we can’t describe otherwise. Not everything needs a thousand words, not everything needs areas on sometimes we’re just overwhelmed by the small things. We simply feel it.”


2021 will surely not only be a challenge for ALVARO SOLER, but he looks forward to finally meet people again and discover new paths of putting his music out there. Because in ALVARO SOLER’s eyes, life remains a cause for celebration, a miracle full of music and hopefully MAGIA will turn out to be our sweeping soundtrack of a much more light hearted year.


Porque la magia de tu ojos me hace ver, que la vida es una canción, por que la magia de tus labios me habla de Peter Pan y de Rock’n’Roll

(The magic in your eyes shows me that life’s a song, because the magic of your lips tells me about Peter Pan and Rock’n‘Roll)

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