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30 June 2024 - 04:30 pm


Christian Nodal was born in Caborca (Sonora) into a family of musicians. At the age of eight he began playing the trumpet, and at ten he reaffirmed his love of music by learning to play the piano. At thirteen, he turned to the guitar.

Passionate about composing, he wrote his first melodies while still in his teens. The big break came when Christian began uploading his renditions to social networks, becoming a veritable viral phenomenon. At the age of 17, he began publishing his first songs, and at 18, he had his first big hit with "Adios Amor".

Nodal has succeeded in winning over a varied audience with his fusion of mariachi and norteño in a sound he calls himself "Mariacheño", but which today seeks to extend its influences and go even further by breaking down the barriers between musical genres.

Songs like "Adios Amor", with over 1.2 billion views on YouTube, have managed to cross borders and become huge hits in territories such as Colombia, Spain, the United States and, of course, Mexico.

Winner of 5 Latin Grammys, 8 Latin Billboards, 11 Latin AMA Awards, 10 Premios lo Nuestro and recognised for his "extraordinary evolution" by the Latin AMA Awards. He reached number 1 on the Latin Billboard charts, breaking all-time records with a large number of his singles, and his albums reached the Top Latin Album Chart, accumulating platinum albums in the United States, Mexico and Colombia.

Nodal was named the first regional Mexican solo artist of all time on Apple Music, and is a member of the YouTube Billionaires Club, being the first regional Mexican solo artist to reach one billion views with his "Adiós Amor" video.

Christian Nodal has a single goal in life: to conquer the hearts and touch the souls of his audience with his songs.

At the age of 24, Christian Nodal is recognised as the most influential artist on Mexico's new regional scene. The charismatic singer-songwriter has succeeded in revitalising the sound and attracting a huge mass of young audiences who are totally in love with his songs, his concerts and his personality, making him the most important Mexican artist in the world.