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29 May 2024 - 06:00 pm


For more than 10 years, Cléa Vincent's scintillating pop has been distilled without wrinkles, from the piano bars where she began performing to tours to the four corners of the globe. Back from her tropical interlude (the Tropi-cléa EPs), she begins her pop comeback with her third album, Advitam Æternamour, produced 4 hands with her accomplice Raphaël Léger and mixed by Alf (Flavien Berger, Bonnie Banane, Phoenix...). A sunny, restorative album, Cléa develops a rich palette of sounds around the theme of love: break-ups, budding love, maternal love, self-love...She'll be taking to the stage at Le Bataclan on 29 May 2024 for an exceptional concert: from the first songs that made her a hit, such as "Jmy attendais pas" and "Nuit sans sommeil", to tracks from her latest album, the artist and her band will be bringing you an unforgettable evening, under the banner of love advitam æternam.