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28 April 2024 - 05:00 pm

The team's view

The great melodies of Arab music will be heard at Le Bataclan on 28 April 2024 in a thrilling concert performed by a large orchestra of strings, percussion and traditional instruments. From modern hits to folk monuments, come and hear all the richness and expertise of this musical culture!


A concert covering the great classics of Oriental and Maghreb music.

"Les Nuits d'Orient" is an invitation to fly over the Arab world for an evening and relive its finest musical moments.

It's a chance to honour its greatest voices and revisit the hits that have marked more than one generation.

This delightful musical journey comes to life thanks to the symbiosis and talents of its uniquely enthusiastic performers.

Mazzika, whose mission is to revive the greatest names in Arab music on the French and European stages, will be revisiting the most beautiful tunes in the repertoire.

Artistic Director: Amal Guermazi