In this video library you will find the official videos and aftermovies of some of the most remarkable concerts and shows that took place at Le Bataclan! We add regularly new videos. 
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2019 Retrospective

Here are the video highlights of the 2019 year at Le Bataclan! Music, dance, podcast, conference, sport, festival,… 2019 has been the year of artistic renewal at le Bataclan! And you were always here to dance, sing and support your favorite artists throughout this year. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you, the artists and their productions!

Direction & editing : Raphaëlle Chovin  •  Design : Vaadigm


Walk Fest #1 : The Aftermovie

Feel the electric atmosphere of the first edition of the Walk Fest, a festival created by le Bataclan and the Walk in Paris collective. On October 26th and 27th, 2019, music and hip-hop dance have merged at le Bataclan : we will long remember the great concerts of Nemir, Makala and Agar Agar and the old-fashioned hip-hop dance battles subjected to the ruthless musical choices of the Walkance Wheel
The dancers of the Walk Fest will amaze you: all of these dance battles can be found on our Youtube playlist WALK FEST # 1 2019!

Direction & editing : Raphaëlle Chovin  •  Design : Vaadigm


Gossip live at Bataclan – 9/07/2019

In July 2019, the American rock band Gossip, led by the sparkling and very charismatic Beth Ditto, made its comeback on stage after several years’ absence. And they chose Le Bataclan for the 3rd time in their career to meet their audience again and celebrate the ten years of their album Music for Men ! Now regulars of the venue, Gossip offered us a set full of energy that transformed the Bataclan into a dance-floor for a dazzling evening! Take a dose of the Gossip vitamin with the video of the concert!

Direction & editing : Raphaëlle Chovin  •  Design : Vaadigm


Jean-Louis Aubert live retrospective: 8 exceptional concerts

Jean-Louis Aubert’s Prémixces tour ended with 8 unforgettable concerts at Le Bataclan, between November 7th and December 5th, 2019. The former leader of the rock band Téléphone offered 8 shows that were up to the love his fans have shown him for so many years. During two and a half hours of show, holograms of the singer created an orchestra on stage, while Jean-Louis Aubert, in the flesh, was walking through the aisles of Le Bataclan to sing his intimate ballads and offering face to face moments to his loyal fans…

Direction & editing : Raphaëlle Chovin  •  Design : Vaadigm


Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres – 15/05/2019

The quintessential English rock star, Peter Doherty, was back for the 4th time in his career on Le Bataclan’s stage, this time with a new band, Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres. They performed the poetic ballads from their eponymous album but also revisited the classics of Doherty’s former bands, to the great pleasure of the audience. As usual with this English rock poet, the show was imperfect, but with a lot of freedom, improvisation and a touch of madness. This raw energy is what fans love about Peter Doherty!

Direction & editing : Raphaëlle Chovin  •  Design : Vaadigm


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