Walk Fest
First edition

21 November 2019
Music with Nemir, Makala and Agar Agar and dance with the company Etra and a battle of 16 professional dancers, take a closer look to the very first edition of The WALK FEST in Le Bataclan.

Saturday: concerts & DJ sets

The Walk Fest celebrated hip hop in all its forms on October 26 and 27. Rap, djing, dance, painting… all universes merged during this unprecedented event. First of all: music.




Describing Nemir as a rising rap star would be too reductive to describe him, whom has already carved out the lion’s share. He had no trouble launching this first edition of the Walk Fest! And many of them arrived on time not to miss a single second of the rapper’s show. From Chica to Princess, the whole crowd sang the words of his greatest hits with careful. In a few minutes, Nemir made the room and his musicians sit down and rise during the cheerful refrain. To put in a nutshell, a concert like him: accessible, popular and especially, exciting!



Agar Agar

Surprise guest of this first edition of the Walk Fest, the duo Agar Agar has marked an electro break in this hip hop bubble! Between two rap concerts, Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel played the songs of their first EP Cardan and their first album The Dog and the Future. It is impossible not to succumb to the rhythms or the wild jumps of the singer. On stage and in the crowd, the joy was contagious!



Last artist to go on stage, Makala. The room is overheated when the rapper appears from the curtains of the back stage. His calm and confident walk contrasts with the electric atmosphere that reigns in the pit. It will only take a few notes for the excitement and furious desire to keep partying to its climax. The first pogos follow one another, the crowd exults, jumps, dances, rushes. Swept away by his speed, Makala throws himself among his fans to enjoy the atmosphere as close as possible to his audience. He’s a washed-out singer with a split lip but happy that we’ll meet at the end of the stage backstage.


After closing the evening on a joyful dance, the collective Walk in Paris finds itself at the controls of this second day placed under the sign of: dancing.






Sybille and Flora, two innocent hands chosen by Lydie Lapeste from the audience, drew the orders of passage of the 16 dancers from a hat. On stage, Enfant Précoce, with a brush in his hand, worked all evening to register the winners’ names in real time, round by round. The Walkance Wheel stood proudly at the front of the stage.

The first round of sixteen was held under the watchful eye of the 3 jury members: Aloise Sauvage, Salomon Asaro and Diablo. DJ H Flow, at the turntables, launched the sounds that the Wheel imposed on the participants. Michael Jackson, 13 Block, Polo and Pan, Serge Gainsbourg, James Blake… the playlist gave the dancers a hard time!

The battle took place in the center of the pit, the audience sat in a circle to admire the dancing spars. Several styles, several schools… One quickly guesses in each dancer movements and gimmicks that are their own and only. To close the quarterfinals, the Compagnie Etra offered an original creation to the spectators of the Bataclan, leaving at the same time the time to blow the dancers still in the running.

But when the time comes for the semi-finals, the rules of competition become more difficult. The Wheel no longer dictates songs but physical restraints. An incredible duel then takes place, eyes closed. The blind breakdance figures pulls out cries of admiration tinged with worry to the spectators in the front rows.

And it’s the final. It’s between Laura Nala and Jean Blesh. In this last straight line, the finalists who had the right to pick up two dancers to serve them as Cupid, follow the dances, soaked in sweat. And the fatigue begins to be felt. Jean Blesh removes his shirt, Laura Nala tightens her ponytail. The jury unable to decide between them asks for another battle. Lydie Lapeste calls them to order “Jury my good jury, I love you but now you will have to choose”. The suspense was at its height in the room, which also struggles to regain its breath. The axe falls: Jean Blesh wins the competition!


The Wheel of the Walkance and the battle

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