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3 septembre 2024 - 18h00

Ce que pense l'équipe

Take the grandiloquence of Caroline Polachek, the country edge of Taylor Swift's early days, and a bit of Kate Bush's electronic audacity, and you've got Chappell Roan, a pop phenomenon whose debut album, The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess, is racking up millions of streams. The American will be in Paris, and a word of advice: hurry up and see her, on 03 September, at Le Bataclan of course.

À propos

Chappell Roan is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter of twilight, wistful keyboard-driven pop. Her debut EP, School Nights, was released on Atlantic in 2017, and she scored a streaming hit with 'Pink Pony Club' in 2020. She went the independent route for subsequent releases, including 'Naked in Manhattan' and 'Feminomenon' in 2022. Born in Missouri in 1998, she began taking piano lessons as a teenager and learning to play her favourite records by ear. She was also a member of her school choir. Still under her given name, Kayleigh Rose, she travelled to New York in 2015 for label introductions and, thanks to her single 'Die Young', signed with Atlantic Records while in her first year of high school. Taking the stage name Chappell Roan (in tribute to her grandfather, Dennis K. Chappell), her first official single, 'Good Hurt', was released in mid-2017. Now based in Los Angeles, Roan has gone on to tour with Declan McKenna and release a series of singles, including 'Bitter' (2018) and 'Pink Pony Club' (2020). The latter song, a dramatic pop fantasy about a dancer, has garnered millions of listens on streaming services.

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