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28 juillet 2024 - 18h00

Ce que pense l'équipe

In just two EPs, South Korean rapper I.M has built up a solid reputation. Now he's taking on an international dimension that will take him all the way to Le Bataclan on 28 July 2024, bringing along his best singles such as God Damn and Slowly. If you're a fan of Monsta X or open-minded K-pop, this show is definitely for you. We'll be there.

À propos

Le Bataclan is set to host a sensational evening when I.M, the talented rapper and singer from MONSTA X, takes to the stage on 28 July 2024. I.M has quickly proved his immense talent, both as a member of a group and as a solo artist. With his debut solo EP "DUALITY" released in February 2021, he conquered charts and hearts with hits like "God Damn", racking up millions of views on YouTube and streams on Spotify. The 'Overdrive' EP, released in June 2023, not only dominated the charts worldwide, but was also hailed for its boldness and originality, exposing a new facet of his musical genius. Thanks to his unprecedented success and commitment to innovation, I.M continues to push the boundaries with his third EP 'Off The Beat', released in April 2024. This work embodies the constant evolution of his art, with unique sounds and captivating narratives. As he embarks on his first-ever solo "Off The Beat" tour, I.M will bring his electrifying energy and unrivalled charisma to the Bataclan audience, delivering a musical experience like no other.