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12 mai 2024 - 16h30



Ce que pense l'équipe

Her single duet with Skrillex, XENA, is a total UFO and a phenomenal success. If you don't know Nai Barghouti, get ready to plunge into a musical universe of dreamy, enchanting melodies, carried by the most remarkable voice of the moment. Over the last three years, her vocal mastery has set many stages alight, and now it's the Bataclan's turn on 12 May 2024 for an emotional concert, so take your place!

À propos

Introducing Nai Barghouti : a spellbinding blend of Palestinian heritage and global influences .

Nai Barghouti, an award-winning Palestinian singer, composer and flautist, has captivated audiences around the world with her exceptional virtuosity. Influenced by Arab divas such as Asmahan, Umm Kulthoum and Fairouz, as well as jazz and blues legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis, Nai has developed a unique vocal technique called NaiStrumentation.

In 2022, Nai released her genre-defying album "Nai 1", which included the difficult Ottoman melody "Longa Hijaz Kar Kurd". She then surprised audiences in 2023 by collaborating with EDM artist Skrillex on the hit "Xena", fusing the old Palestinian folk wedding song with electronic beats.

Joining Nai are four accomplished musicians: Khalil Khoury, an award-winning Qanun player and sound engineer; Tony Roe, a jazz pianist pushing the boundaries with electronics; Ruven Ruppik, a versatile percussionist with expertise in traditional and world music; and Diego Alva, a jazz double bassist with a unique musical background.

Together, they weave a rich palette of sounds, drawing on Palestinian roots, jazz and global influences. Don't miss the chance to witness their dynamic performance, a celebration of cultural diversity and musical innovation.

We invite you to arrive at least 40 minutes early so that our hostesses and hosts can seat you before the start of the show, after the usual security checks at the entrance to the venue.