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15 juin 2024 - 17h00

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You may have discovered him through his punchlines in a number of debates or at the helm of various radio and TV comedy shows and columns.
Yes, Yassine Belattar is one of those artists who doesn't bow his head and raises his voice when confronted with social issues.

But before being a media man, Yassine Belattar is first and foremost a comedian.

After 5 years of success, and numerous performances throughout France, the Middle East and Africa, Yassine Belattar will play his show 'En Marge' one last time, in Paris at the legendary Bataclan venue, on Saturday 15 June 2024 at 7pm.
As he did in 2017 for the last performance of Ingérable, Yassine Belattar is keen to make this the last of his 2nd one-man show.

The artist tells his audience all about himself with humour and, at times, a great deal of emotion.
Corrosive, funny and generous, he never tires of recounting his setbacks, drawing up a gallery of hilarious portraits of those at the top of the media-political game, whom he depicts without concession.

We invite you to arrive at least 40 minutes early so that our hostesses and hosts can seat you before the start of the show, after the usual security checks at the entrance to the theatre.