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19 October 2024 - 05:00 pm


Caleb Shomo transposed the pain of his struggle with mental health and self-image into music for the first time in 2013. Beartooth began as a living document, a diary of repressed rage and depression.

Alone in his basement studio, screaming and singing, playing all the instruments, he also self-produced a raging but melodic batch of songs full of reflection and confession. The Ohio native was staring into the abyss, with no initial intention of returning to the heavy scene that burned him as a teenager.

A decade later, the various pieces of his oeuvre now connect in title, sound and spirit.

As the frontman turns 30, Beartooth's fifth album, The Surface, brings that era to a close. It also opens a new chapter full of optimism and honesty. Depression is a terrible, aggressive disease that lurks beneath the surface.

Part One: Polaris