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Internal regulations

Internal regulations

All persons entering the Bataclan must comply with these regulations (hereinafter the “Internal Regulations”), and with all instructions issued by the staff of the ‘société d’exploitation des spectacles du Bataclan’ (hereinafter “THE OPERATOR”) or its service providers, contributing to the proper functioning of the Bataclan.
Each person acknowledges that their mere presence in the building shall be deemed as confirmation that they have familiarized themselves with the Internal Regulations and accept its terms unreservedly and without limitation. Should a provision of the Internal Regulations be deemed to be in breach of a current or future legal or regulatory provision, said provision shall be deemed to be invalid, and the other provisions shall retain all their force and effect.


All spectators, irrespective of their age, must, on a mandatory basis, be in possession of a ticket that has been paid for, an invitation or a right of passage. Any person possessing a ticket that corresponds to a reduced or special rate must be able to prove that they are entitled to it, failing which they may be ejected or refused entry to the Bataclan.
The validity of tickets may be checked by a staff member of the OPERATOR and/or by a stationary or mobile automatic access control system. All persons present in the building must keep their ticket, admission slip or accreditation with them at all times and must be able to present it at any time when asked to do so by the staff of the OPERATOR, until such time as they exit the Bataclan. Spectators who have entered the building and had their tickets checked at the entrance, if they subsequently leave the premises, will not be allowed to come back in again. All spectators must have vacated the premises of the Bataclan thirty minutes after the end of an event.
All persons present because they are involved in some way in the production in progress (performers, technicians, production staff, etc.) must be wearing a visible ID badge. Said badges are delivered for each production under the authority of the manager of the building, either by the beneficiary of the contract for the making available of the venue, or by the OPERATOR.
No other persons are allowed to enter the building.


For productions for which each ticket bears a specific seat number, the audience is required to sit in the right seats and to follow the instructions provided by the ticket and by the front-of-house staff, the seating staff or the security staff. The staff shall ensure, by all legal means, that spectators sit in the right seats. The OPERATOR reserves the right to move members of the audience to different seats, but when doing so shall ensure that the new seats are in the same category of seats, or a higher one. The OPERATOR may decide that access to any specific seat can no longer be guaranteed after the performance has begun.
In the case of free seating, the ticket does not necessarily provide access to a seat.
In the event of cancellation or postponement, the procedure for the provision of refunds will be determined by the organiser / producer of the event.
The customer must contact the ticket retailer in order to ascertain the procedure for obtaining a refund, if applicable.
The spectators must comply with the instructions printed on the tickets.


Children under the age of three are not allowed inside the building, with the exception of shows intended for children; children under the age of one will not be admitted to the venue, with no refunds being possible. Parents are hereby notified that it is their responsibility to provide ear-protectors for their children.
The venue reserves the right to refuse to admit minors under the age of 16 who are not accompanied by a legal representative, with no refunds being possible.
An example of a parental consent form (for minors between 16 and 18), by way of indication, is appended hereto.



When entering the venue, throughout the duration of the event and until it ends, the audience must comply with the instructions of the reception and security staff of the OPERATOR.
If the OPERATOR or the organiser / producer of the event deems it necessary to put a security check in place at the entrance, requiring frisking, searches, or any other inspection, including the presenting of any items that the individual may be carrying, by specialist staff, each spectator is required to comply with said measure(s), or else be refused access to the building.
Any item that could be used as a projectile, that could serve as a weapon or endanger the safety of the public (glass bottles, fire-arms, explosives, lasers, smoke bombs), and any item of baggage (suitcase or bag) with dimensions larger than 55 x 35 x 25 cm are prohibited inside the Bataclan.
If the owner of a prohibited item refuses to leave it in the cloakroom, subject to the following, admission to the venue will be refused.
Items that it is unlawful to possess, or carry, in public (fire-arms, drugs, etc.), cannot be left in the cloakroom. Should any such items be discovered, the police may be informed.
The fire alarms can only be activated if this is necessary. Any misuse of them will be punished.
The OPERATOR will be entitled to have any person who is disturbing public order ejected from the premises.
All individuals present inside the building have been informed, and accept, that in the event of a major accident that could jeopardize the safety of people and/or property, the OPERATOR’S authorized representative may take such measures as blocking the entrances, bringing the event to a temporary or permanent halt, evacuating the Bataclan in full or in part, or keeping people on the premises of the Bataclan for as long as is strictly necessary in order to re-establish order and calm inside the Bataclan. Should an evacuation become necessary, it will be conducted in a disciplined and well-ordered manner, under the guidance of the security and safety staff and those in charge of the evacuation, in accordance with the instructions received by them and the safety regulations applicable in the Bataclan. Any breach of the evacuation procedure is prohibited and may result in legal action being taken.


Barring derogations introduced by the OPERATOR, no means of transport (including toy-cars for children, skateboards, roller-skates, bicycles, etc.) are allowed on the premises, with the exception of wheelchairs for people with illnesses or reduced mobility, on condition that the means of transport does not run on flammable fuels. The means of transport used by the OPERATOR and any of the OPERATOR’s potential service providers, or any person authorized by it, are not governed by the Internal Regulations.


  • Those present inside the Bataclan are required, in all circumstances, to be tolerant, polite and courteous, and not to contravene the rules and safety instructions.
    Inside the premises of the Bataclan, it is prohibited to :
  • loiter in walkways, on staircases, in areas which must be kept clear, at access points, or at entrances and exits ;
  • use the emergency exits, except in the event of an evacuation ;
  • block or impede the emergency exits ;
  • lean on, climb onto or jump over the structures intended to keep spectators in separate sectors, or move from one stand to another without a ticket granting the right to do so ;
  • lean on, climb onto or jump over the barriers, railings, fences and enclosures ;
  • go on stage during a concert, disturb the smooth running of an event or cause harm to the safety of people or property ;
  • run around, chase people, jostle people, slide, jump or climb inside the Bataclan ;
  • stand on the seats ;
  • pull the seats out ;
  • throw projectiles ;
  • wear a disguise, or camouflage, with the aim of no longer being recognisable.

All persons present in the building must keep their fixed and moveable property on them and ensure that they do not cause a disturbance to those present.
Access to the Bataclan is strictly forbidden, or shall result in expulsion, for any person whose behaviour is violent, racist or hurtful, and to any person who is intoxicated or under the influence of banned substances, without prejudice to any legal proceedings.
For the well-being of all and out of respect for the performers, spectators are advised to keep their mobile phones switched off.


Pursuant to directive No. 2006-1386 of 15 November 2006, smoking is strictly forbidden inside the venue. In the event of a breach of this rule, the person in breach will be required to leave the auditorium.
The use of drugs on the premises is prohibited. In the event of a breach of this rule, the person in breach will be required to leave the auditorium, and, moreover, the OPERATOR may notify the police.


In the case of audio-visual recordings, the spectators are notified that their image may be used and, if applicable, they consent and grant to the OPERATOR and the organiser / producer of the event, or of the production, free of charge, the right to use their image, voice and representation, on any medium, in relation to the event and/or the promoting of the Bataclan or the activities carried out there, such as photographs, live broadcasts on giant screens, television broadcasts whether live or after the event, broadcasts and/or video or sound recordings, for the whole world and for the legal duration of the protection of copyright. Every person has, in relation to their image, which is an integral part of their personality, an exclusive right which enables them to request that reproductions of it be withdrawn. Said request must be made by post, for the attention of the OPERATOR.
It is formally prohibited to do any filming, take photographs or make recordings inside the building. In light of this, it is prohibited to bring in, be in possession of, or use, tripods or stands for video-cameras and/or cameras inside the Building.
All use of the venue’s electricity supply by a spectator is prohibited.


The audience is hereby notified that, for its own safety, to prevent damage to property, and to prevent acts of terrorism, a video surveillance system is in place inside the Bataclan and in the vicinity of the building, which is operated by the OPERATOR. The right to access the images filmed may be exercised by contacting the Unique Security Director at the Bataclan, whose telephone number is indicated on the notices or signs indicating that a video surveillance system is in place, provided pursuant to the provisions of the Internal security code. With the exception of investigations into flagrant crimes, preliminary investigations or judicial investigations, the recordings will be destroyed within a maximum period of fifteen days. The Director of the Bataclan acts as the guarantor of the individuals who may be involved in using or viewing the images, and for keeping the system in place. Very precise instructions on the confidential nature of the images filmed and/or recorded, and on the threat to privacy that they may entail, are provided to all the individuals concerned. Access to the room in which the images are viewed, recorded and processed is strictly prohibited to any person who does not have a precise role to play or who has not received prior training and authorization from the Director of the Bataclan.


No animals may enter the building, with the exception of guide-dogs accompanying those with impaired vision.


Spectators are strongly advised to keep a close watch over their personal belongings. The OPERATOR rejects all responsibility in the event of any theft, damage to or loss of personal belongings that the spectators may suffer. In the event of an incident, the spectators shall have the capacity, on their own, to file a complaint at the competent police station.


Each spectator may leave his or her personal belongings in the cloakroom, with the exception of :

  • suitcases and bags with dimensions larger than 55 x 35 x 25 cm,
  • items that it is unlawful to possess, or carry, in public (fire-arms, drugs, etc.),

Moreover, each spectator is required to leave in the cloakrooms, subject to space being available inside said cloakrooms, all large items, including items with a capacity greater than 15 litres, suitcases and bags whose dimensions are less than or equal to those of carry-on luggage i.e. 55 x 35 x 25 cm (apart from handbags, pouches, cases, satchels, towels), pushchairs, umbrellas and motorcycle helmets.

Each person must retrieve their items when they leave the Bataclan. If a spectator loses his or her cloakroom ticket, the items left there can only be retrieved before the cloakrooms close for the night. Personal belongings and items that have not yet been retrieved once the cloakrooms have closed are kept available for their owners to collect for a period of one month. If they have not been retrieved by the end of this period, the item will be destroyed or donated to a charitable organisation.


The OPERATOR cannot be held liable if an event is cancelled or postponed (the conditions for the provision of any potential refunds are stipulated by the ticket retailer directly), for the triggering of the alarm and the provision of safety to people if a major incident occurs, for the content of an event, or for any change to the programme of an event.


All promotional activities, including the distributing of texts or objects inside or near the building, must be expressly authorised by the OPERATOR and/or the organiser/producer of the event.
Documents, texts, badges, insignia, symbols or banners of all kinds, and all sizes, that are racist, xenophobic, or homophobic, are prohibited.
It is formally prohibited to conduct opinion polls, to perform religious or political acts, or to undertake collections, acquire subscriptions, or collect signatures inside the Bataclan.


Any spectator not complying with the Internal Regulations, or disturbing public order, may be refused entry to the building or be ejected from it without being able to claim a refund on the cost of their ticket. The OPERATOR reserves the right to initiate all and any proceedings in relation thereto.