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Ready to have fun? All informations needed

Readyto have fun?Allinformations needed

First of all, we wanted to warn you against fraudulent resellers.

The Bataclan has joined the #fanpasgogo initiative which raises public awareness about the purchase of illicit tickets. These black market ticketing sites harm spectators as well as our work as broadcasters, and the image of show producers and artists. Be careful when buying a ticket, and only trust official resellers!
We decline all responsibility in the event of invalidity of the said ticket.


Bar codes are smartphone readable, and patrons are generally not obliged to print out their tickets, the exception being ticket screen shots, which must be printed. Please ensure your mobile phone is sufficiently charged.


We formally advise NOT to purchase tickets from unofficial ticket sale websites and we disclaim any liability whatsoever in the event of presentation of invalid tickets when purchased from these websites


If an event is not fully sold out, you may be able to buy a ticket directly on arrival at the Bataclan. If the event is fully booked, go onto our social networks, where producers of shows occasionally make seats available for purchase at the last moment. Go onto our various social networks for further information.


Tickets when purchased on ticketing websites such as Fnac, France Billet, Ticketmaster or Digitick are not issued at the Bataclan itself. Websites such as Billetréduc, Ticketac, Theatreonline provide their customers with vouchers that can be exchanged for actual Bataclan tickets one hour before the event. If in doubt, please check carefully that the procedures for claiming your tickets are clearly displayed on confirmation of booking.


Bataclan does not have a physical box office, and there is no telephone service for bookings or reservations. All reservations must be made on our website. For disabled visitors, a special website page is at your disposal!


To pay online by credit card, it is essential that you check the availability of the 3D Secure payment option on your card, and that it has been activated and linked to your mobile phone number. Bataclan does not accept payment by American Express or Paypal.


For confirmation, please contact the Bataclan ticketing service on: or ring the following number 0644211114. You can check online that your booking is in order by going to your personal space, accessed under your name shown top left, and then clicking on “My Bookings.” E-tickets can also be downloaded from your personal space.


Access to events is open to ticket holders on presentation, even if the name shown on the ticket is not your own.


Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged, except if the event is cancelled or postponed by the organiser. Customers at time of payment for their booking must check that they have bought tickets for the right time, date and event. No subsequent claim for reimbursement, exchange or cancellation will be accepted, no matter the circumstances. Your attention is drawn specifically to Article L. 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code, whereby customers forfeit rights of retraction of orders when placed to attend leisure events such as shows, when these are specified for a given date or period of time. No exchange or reimbursement of tickets is allowed in the event of late arrival. All times of event are clearly displayed at the time of booking and shown on the tickets issued. Out of respect for the public and for the performers, late arrivals are not guaranteed access to their numbered seats, if they seek entry after the performance has started.


We advise attendees of restricted mobility who need personal assistance to give advance notice of their attendance. Please ring our helpline on 0143140030. At time of the event, we request disabled persons to make their presence directly known to our hospitality or security staff and not to wait in line, so that they can be suitably assisted to their seats. In standing-only areas, the odd and even numbered mezzanines and the boxes stage left and right are wheel-chair accessible. Orchestra stalls and circle are not so. Seating or access can be reserved on all standard ticket sales networks. When booking numbered seats in the boxes stage left and right, disabled access is limited to row T. Please take care to reserve suitable seats by going online to


Below are the most frequently asked questions. If, however, you cannot find the answer to your question, you can always contact our ticketing service by going to our F.A.Q.