The project


This September, Bataclan is unveiling a new artistic project and a new visual identity, after a change in its artistic direction, now carried out by Florence Jeux and a new team.

“Le Bataclan is a Parisian theatre with an artistic history spanning almost 160 years and which has always had a strong identity, defending values ​​of openness, tolerance and freedom. It has long been a hub of “Parisian Freedom,” showcasing all musical styles and promoting free artistic expression. It is this history that inspires us to build a future.

We want this new project to be collaborative, so that artists, event producers and the public can make the space their own and participate in building this new momentum. As part of this dynamic, besides hosting outdoor productions that will continue to be the theatre’s main activity, we would like to promote artistic creativity in our project by supporting artists and proposing a new outlook, particularly with a multidisciplinary approach.

The aim is to offer spectators as well as artists a renowned exhibition centre, in a welcoming environment, as well as a place with convictions and a spirit of social commitment, making it an essential meeting place. ”

Florence Jeux

Le Bataclan, a meeting place for free expression, a bridge between different disciplines a place of encounters and dialogues between the public and artists, both local and international… Le Bataclan is now launching an open and multidisciplinary project.



We wanted to imagine a place that reflects the artists of today, who are inspired by several disciplines in their creations, with which they break barriers. Many artists are simultaneously musicians and authors as well as dancers, photographers, directors, painters, etc., and they form collectives by developing their skills and diverse talents.

We would like to offer a meeting place for these creators, where they can exhibit all of their talents, whether in a concert, an exhibition, a conference, a dance show, or a creation of any kind.

The Bataclan has thus become a flexible space that can be used by all and is open to various disciplines:

Music, Humour, Conferences, Podcasts, Fashion, Films, Sport, Exhibitions, Danse


As part of this dynamic, we also want this place to become a truly welcoming and accessible house of artists. These associated artists are individual artists or collectives who share our values ​​and artistic vision. The Bataclan has become a place for them to create and meet their audiences over several months.

These collaborations reflect the artistic project of the theatre and are based on several disciplines: music, dance, video, photography, urban art, podcasts, etc.

The artists will participate in several events throughout the year:

  • Festival / Walk in Paris Collective 
    Walk Festival at Bataclan on 26 and 27 October 2019
  • Danse / Léo Walk & La Marche Bleue
    Creative residency and event venue in early 2020
  • Photo / Jérôme Lobato
    Gallery of artist’s portraits to discover all year round
  • Podcast Live / 2 heures de perdues and Fréquence Moderne
    New live show on 21 September 2019 (FULL); other dates to follow.

Other collaborations will be added to the programming soon.



This change has emerged in a graphic universe that hadn’t changed in 20 years. Naturally, the place needed to root itself in the present with a more contemporary design.

The creative studio Vaadigm was chosen to support this change and this collaboration has resulted in common reflection over several months.

“I had in mind a ‘signature’ logo that would be used in our communication as a seal. And I wanted a logo in motion, that can evolve, shift in colour as well as in shape; a reflection of our dynamic in the artistic project,”

Florence Jeux


The idea was also to give the building a consistent look, with this atypically coloured façade and the artistic project. The logo is inspired by the decoration of the façade, with the circle based on the large round window on the second floor. The central B evokes batten patterns.

The logo dynamic highlights the innovative spirit of the place, looking towards the future and constantly changing. Some bright coloured dots punctuate the whole and represent the interdisciplinary and eclectic project of the new artistic direction.

Finally, around this simple and memorable logo, Vaadigm imagined a colourful, highly versatile visual territory, allowing infinite combinations of forms.

This new identity has resulted in a new website, a makeover of all of Bataclan’s social platforms and new signs for the theatre façade.



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