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Vigipirate Threat Level

Vigipirate Threat Level

The Bataclan hereby notifies its spectators and visitors that, in accordance with the ‘Hightened security – risk of attack’ Vigipirate threat level currently in effect, access to the Bataclan may be restricted and may be subject to checks.

Thus, and in accordance with the regulations in effect, the following actions may be taken by employees of the Bataclan or by the forces of law and order:

  • thorough visual check of individuals, asking them to unzip/open up any loose-fitting outer garments ;
  • visual check of the inside of hand-held bags ;
  • searching of hand-held bags, with consent ;
  • security frisking of individuals, with consent ;
  • ban on entering the venue with over-sized baggage or bags ;

Any person refusing to undergo the above checks will be banned from entering the building, and will be unable to get a refund on the cost of their ticket.